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  • Vincent Mendes

Kids and Chiropractic!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Do kids need chiropractic adjustments and is it safe?

I am often asked by parents if a child could possibly need to be adjusted. The answer is yes! They wonder how one so young could get subluxated, and if it's safe for kids to be adjusted. And it is safe; the adjustments done on children are very light and gentle, kids are still very flexible, and adjusting them is quite easy compared to grown-ups who sometimes have had the same stiff backs and necks for twenty years or more.

And as for how kids get subluxated in the first place - just watch them - they jump off of things, they fall on their bottoms, they fall on their faces, they sleep in all sorts of funny positions...if an adult went through a normal day for a five-year-old, they would be exhausted and likely covered with bruises. But even before all of that, there is the birth process, which is a rather traumatic event - entering the world through the birth canal would be stressful enough, but to make matters worse there's usually an obstetrician twisting the baby's head and pulling to speed the delivery up. It is my strong belief that every child should be checked for subluxations as part of the normal neo-natal check-up in the hospital. (This is not likely to happen any time soon).

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