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  • Vincent Mendes

Text Neck

Let's talk today about text neck and what happens when you slump forward and slouch your neck and head down.

If your head and neck are leaning forward it puts a tremendous amount of tension on the back of your neck and your upper back and shoulders, causing all of the muscles in the back to work overtime just to keep you from falling forward.

To tell you the truth, text neck has been around longer than cell phones. In the old days, people used to get criticized for reading a book or newspapers too closely, so bad posture has probably been around as long as human beings began walking upright.

Bad posture does damage to our spine where sitting upright balances the forces of gravity over the shoulders, pelvis, and spine and keeps you in better shape. It slows down the natural wear and tear that happens on our spines and it even expands your lungs so you can breathe more.

So! Sit up straight, protect your spine, and feel better!

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